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                                        & i’ve got b l o o d

                                                   on  my { name }

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Madness || Alice and Jerry



     Distorted imagery laced with grim reality, casting falsified illusion. Madness itself, Wonderland, intertwined with the macabre emptied streets, chaste path twisting and turning, looping and circling, weaving into the earth as paved step to guide. Moonlight crept between branches revoked of its foliage. Surreal design pasted amongst normalcy. She inevitably followed a path invisible to the sane. A loose trot, an occasional tremble from the malnourished orphaned teen. Customary for the emptied mind to disperse, really. She’d frequently stand within private territory, abandoned grounds or public area for the stream of ignorant questions to flow.

     By the strike of twelve, the streets emptied, designating a playground for the concentration to revoke. She stood in solitude, bitter, in reality. And where her mind strayed- Alice followed. With the shortness of breath, a gasp torn from her, she lost herself. Head dipping in her vacancy as she began to step, emptied eyes searching as she followed the designated path of her delusions with a practiced obedience and with the occasional hop, a climb from steps to whatever solid creation rest within her wake, she at last woke from her dream. A figure in sight.

      Though rare, the encounter with another hadn’t tempted her to dash into the opposite direction. She’d confront a mistake when necessary. If by any chance their gaze locked, she’d approach… a bold gambit. Arms curved from behind the worn fabric, tattered. She watched him with an eerie calm, and said nothing for a moment, formulating a proper introduction…. as proper as one could conjure.

      A sway in lean as she stooped to watch the ground prior. “Though it very well could be countered in verbatim word, I must say… you’re certainly out late." Much better… 

     Nothing brought the nightly crowds to a thaw quite like the midnight hour’s imminent approach. Collective wariness plagued the beauty of an evening sky resplendent with sequined stars, begging for an audience that would only ever be defined by a select few. Only those who trusted the streets at such a late hour were compensated for their good faith, an exclusive luxury that he regularly had the great pleasure of knowing in his prolonged existence. In comparison, the flickering light of unreliable streetlamps delineating the vacant streets could never hope to stand a chance.

     Without the engrained fear of crime and unwanted confrontation nesting in the backs of their minds, he might’ve known a more diverse crowd to share in its enchantment; instead, his company was only of his own as a furtive gait carried his heel. Their concern was completely justified, of course. Shadows cultivated anonymity and crippling uncertainty as easily as they did any element of mystery or intrigue, a natural advantage to the keen eye of a predator over their unknowing prey. The risk was ever present, even in the safest of neighbourhoods. Most didn’t dare to take that kind of gamble; the rest either boasted a considerable amount of confidence or subscribed to the art of predation themselves.

     The lonesome girl before him didn’t appear to be a particularly creditable candidate for either. Rarely did he experience such diversity, especially from one so woefully devoid of chaperonage.

     “ Seems to be a habit of mine these days. I’m just in it for the fresh air.  Born out of friendly countenance and cordial disposition, a sly smile fell over her with intentions of buffering any brewing reservations before going on to inquire further,  What about you? Not that it’s any of my business, but I would’ve thought that you’d be indoors with everyone else.

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              In an all too familiar gesture, John found his phone plucked from his hand with no prompting. Arching a brow, the blogger simply watched as Jerry went about typing his information. It reminded him so much of his partner that John nearly laughed out loud at it. He didn’t need the other to view him as crazy… At least more so than he must have seemed.

             "Thank you,"John gladly took his phone back, eying it for a few moments. "And hey, mate? If you see anything out of the ordinary, message me yeah? Any sort of lead would be a good one at this point—" A familiar chime cut him off and he glanced down at his phone, eying the text with growing concern.

             "Well that’ll be my signal to go, then," John let out a loud sigh, glancing back towards the busy street. "Sherlock insists I need to go with him and traipse out in a construction pit not far from here. He’s almost positive that we’re going to find something there. But he’s been a bit off ever since this whole thing started, so we’ll just have to see.,” he added as he adjusted his coat, flashing Jerry a warm grin, “Nice meeting you and take care of yourself. And don’t forget about those pints.”

     “ Oh, I won’t. At the rate this is all going, I think you’ll need a few to clear your head. It’s not an easy case to take on, even worse when there aren’t any leads. If you’re not careful, you’re bound to trip yourself up. And with this guy on the loose, that’s a dangerous spot to be in.

     What dismal details he did not provide, the frank tone of caution filled in with its unspoken implication. He didn’t doubt the other man’s experience or expect him to forgo prudence entirely but a little prodding towards the right mindset could do no harm. Rarely did he have a chance to speak directly to one of the investigation’s two instigators; that opportunity wasn’t the type to be easily passed by, even if they were now hard-pressed for time.    

     “ Anyway, I won’t keep you. Your flat mate sounds like he’s getting restless and I wouldn’t want to impede the investigation. Just make sure to watch your back when you’re over there, play it safe. I think you’ll be better off.   

     His heel rocked back into a step of retreat and a smile grew in return, steady on his feet and ready to take his leave. There wasn’t any sense in stalling any further; what information John had to his name had already been divulged without apparent edit. Updates were bound to be brought to his attention once the pair of them finished scanning the area to their heart’s content, either by spoken word or by that of the reputable blog mentioned earlier. All he had to do was sit back, and let the situation unfold.

                                                           For  ʙ ᴇ ᴛ ᴛ ᴇ ʀ  
                                                           or for  ᴡ ᴏ ʀ s ᴇ.     

             “ See you around.


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" Well, To test this theory..

                We need to throw you in sunlight, and
                         Without clothes. The last part isn’t optional~

     ” One can N E V E R be to sure now Jerry~”

S u b t l e.

Right, I think I’m going to have to take a pass.
   It’s nothing personal, but I really don’t do so
   well in the sun - a lot worse than coming off
   as a bit shiny.

                            You’re just going to have to
                              take my  w o r d  on this one. 

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▸ Waste Not


Ani had been in this field for far longer than she gave herself credit for. While the job of a blood donor would be considered easy by some, it was still a performance. Just like singing on stage, she had to present herself charismatically, making every aspect of her being admirable. 

But here it was different.

With Jerry, she felt like all she would have to do would be to act scared. It wasn’t often that she met shy vampires-most of the younger ones were strongly influenced by the media depictions of vampires today-suave, comically so, and pityingly terrifying. Jerry, however, wasn’t at all like those that she had encountered. It reminded her of Eric in a way, and in the midst of the lust she was feeling from Jerry’s feeding, she felt a sudden pang of loneliness for Eric.

"Better? I’m glad you think so." She sighed, eyes fluttering closed. "That was nice. I always like how feeding feels."

You picked the right line of work.

     {  A macabre smile twisted beneath the stained coat of blood and directed its approval her way, proudly adorning the violent aftermath until the back of his hand scantily censored the gristly sight and began to wipe his mouth clean. As was the case with any other job, some employees took great pride in their work; her employment being of no exception, no matter how much of a minority it truly was. With a healthy market to be exploited and a venture opportunity ripe for the taking, customers who appreciated her sophisticated preference would never be in critical supply.   

       After personal hygiene had been taken care of to suit the public eye and the sanguine smear running down his chin had found a better home on his hand,  the matter of compensation leveled his attention and languidly brought his dark eyes to a lift. Pleasure and fullness didn’t detract from their unfinished transaction.  There was a business to be nurtured and a profit to be made; honest enjoyment merely came as a bonus for them both. }

    “ How much do I owe you?

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the song Flesh by Simon Curtis kind of makes me think of you

Push up to my body, sink your teeth into my flesh
( Get undressed, ta-taste the flesh )
Bite into me harder, sink your teeth into my flesh
( Pass the test, ta-taste the flesh )

Hold me up against the wall
Give it till I beg, give me some more
Make me bleed, I like it raw
Like it raw, raw, raw
Push up to my body, sink your teeth into my flesh x

Mm —— yeah, I don’t see it.

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"Well its not my place, but thanks anyway. I love it here, its cozy." She shut the front door and followed him to the kitchen, flipping on the light as she entered the room. There were a few dishes in the sink and the floor was starting to show signs of needing mopped, but overall it was clean. "Seriously, make yourself comfortable. Have a seat." She pointed to the small, yet cozy round table that sat across the room. "Um, we have Pepsi, milk and water. Can I get you something to drink as well?"

     Her unfortunate choice of phrase bent his ear and turned his head, begging for a callback that he wouldn’t see fit to acknowledge or entertain outside of a single occupying thought. It went without saying that mortal thirst lacked its persuasive touch in the first place, but his tastes were abundantly more selective than that of traditional appetites and early evening had already long since taken care of that desire. She’d already showed him generosity to the fullest extent well before she’d even set foot in the house. What more could he possibly ask of her that would stand within reason?

I think I’m good.

Excluding fulfillment of the cheesecake’s munificent offer, naturally.

     Glancing about the kitchen after pulling a seat out to sit, little mind was paid to the minor cleanliness issues that rightfully defined its occupants - nothing unexpected or deserving of curled revulsion. Family members could do far worse in their company.  In any case, he wasn’t about to bestow judgement on a home that wasn’t his own; that keen eye was only reserved for an advantageous location and a competitive price.

          Are you the baker in the family or does your sister do the same?

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#anon rp  
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