i won’t soothe your p͙̭̕a̟̖̗̰͈̭i̵̱̻̳̘̖n̷͇͓̰̠̪

                                            i won’t ease your s̫t̡̪̞͚r̼̱̩̰̩͎͡a͇̭̞͖̜̖i̻̣̲͍̣̪̟n͕ͅ

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"I wish you were Broadband, so I could get high-speed access." [ it's late i'm spamming pick up lines, i regret nothing. ]

𝑺 𝒎 𝒐 𝒐 𝒕 𝒉.
                                               ———  Did you make that one up yourself?

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Song: God's Gonna Cut You Down
Artist: Johnny Cash
Album: The Legend Of Johnny Cash
Played: 12107 times

Johnny Cash - God’s Gonna Cut You Down

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      the ρяєтту lies;

               the U G L Y truth.

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"There's nothing to worry about, she's out of town, won't be back til late this weekend sometime," she explained, pulling the key out of her pocket and unlocking the door. "Trust me, there's no way in hell I'd let you in if she was here." She fumbled with the light switch for a moment before stepping inside and turning to face him. "The kitchen is through the doorway on the left," she told him, kicking her shoes off as she spoke. "So come on in. Make yourself comfortable."

     Accessibility apparently had little importance besides that of a  minor variable where developed habit was concerned.  In spite of being freely granted and under no restrictive conditions whatsoever, indecision still occupied the few moments buffering her immediate entrance and his. It was a knee-jerk reaction, conditioned by past encounters involving suspicion and the still pending issue of an invitation. Rarely was there a time when he couldn’t draw on past experiences for reference but knowing full well what he was capable of and surrendering her home’s integrity regardless made her a special case. Uncertainty of that conducive degree never incited much favour with him, with or without boundless privilege.

     Rimming the door frame in parting with a pointed look, the threshold was crossed without prolonged delay and residual concern was forced into submission by success. He took his time getting to the kitchen, sharing his attention between that of the interior itself along the way and his penchant for mental mapping. As with many homes he’d come to be acquainted with, hers boasted a quaint personality typical to that of a suburban neighbourhood and wasn’t of opulent design. What it lacked in extravagance, it made up for in its character and his first impression was swift to embrace it for a respective verdict.

      “ Nice place you’ve got here.

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▸ Waste Not


It was normal for vampires to seek out her blood a lot. Ani had studied Jerry’s strain of vampirism. It was started in the vicinity of her father’s ancestry, so she had done some research in that area. Now, Ani knew that Jerry was the kind of vampire that sometimes kept their victims to feed on for days after the initial bite. A bit of a ludicrous hope, but Ani could dream. 

Ani opened her eyes for a moment when she felt his movements stop for a moment. But she knew that he might like to try to get more blood to flow out of the wound created by his fangs. She hadn’t encountered bery many vampires with a full set off teeth. Rather, she knew a lot vampires that merely left two to four neat marks and made a hasty retreat. 

She squeezed her eyes shut when she felt his fangs dig in deeper into her neck. All that came out of her response was a small whimper, but whether it was brought on by pain or not was a mystery even to her.

     {  No experience driven by purchase could ever hope to emulate the satisfaction derived from venerable bloodshed, earned by eloquent beguilement over that of currency’s kindly inducement; there was simply no fair comparison. Charm, trust, deception, they were all a means to an end – the thrill of the chase, and its corollary premium. Nothing could compete on sober terms but in the heat of the moment, a veritable deluge of fresh blood did have a way of effectually blurring the fine line between authenticity and spuriousness.     

     The lulling throb of her pulse kept his force modest until wholesome satiation bellied the effort shy of surfeit. Save for the occasional stifling noise, her complaisance was pleasantly absent of the routine panic that often followed the organic approach and held up well as the most prominent appeal of the service’s structural foundation. Fingering at the hair strands messily wreathing the open wound as he tentatively drew back, he finally understood its novelty to the respective market: no hassle meant no  c l e a n - u p. }

          Much better.

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people say that i’m h e a r t l e s s

                        ———— and they’re [ right ]

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     ⊰ ♛ ⊱ —- "Pleased to meet you" She shook his hand back, the small smile remained before taking another glance around the town she was currently staying. "Imagine that.." A casino and a hotel in one? That wasn’t really a surprise, she knew of many mortal attractions to be like that. Anything for them to blow away all their money or to screw until their brains came out because they tired of this life. Kurami almost pitied the humans..almost. Yet simply making fools of themselves annoyed her some.

     ”Yes. I’ve seen his show..” She couldn’t help but let the bitterness roll off the end of her tongue. A disgusting show, ignorant to their kind. A light laugh escaped her then at his question “A friend of mine? No." She simply stared at the other for a moment, wondering what her next plan of action would be. With a shrug of her shoulders, she simply explained her whole reason for being here in the first place "I’ve come here to kill him.” Spoken in a calm manner, like it was an everyday occurence with her, which in truth it was. Now the question was, would this vampire side with her or was he one of the warped ones promised money and other human trifles to be on that idiot’s side?


————— Really.

     Drained of a question’s trademark uncertainty, concrete confirmation seized a tone that hadn’t been overly credulous in the first place and left her subject to his unambivalent bemusement. Had he not already assumed malicious intent at the fault of her species, the sheer impassivity alone was enough to ponder the legitimacy of her motives. It could’ve been a joke, but he knew better. There were only so many ways one could dress up phrasing enough to soften its overlying meaning and she neglected to incorporate any of them.

     Completely enraptured by the prospect, her reasons for tracking him down must’ve been well-warranted but weren’t particularly top-of-mind. Peter’s own vendetta had been the result of years of festering rivalry and contempt unleashed upon him in the course of one night, guided by the borrowed courage of an excessively inquisitive neighbour and the haunting memory of his parents’ gruesome demise. His idiomatic case made sense in context; hers drew a blank. With scorn that seemed to arguably match his own and his interest effectively piqued, a little more embellishment would’ve done well to better her campaign and his contingent support.      

And why’s that? It sounds like you really have
  it out for the guy, more than what I’d give him credit for.
There’s got  to be a reason there.


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